What is IKID?

IKID is an international control system. The goal of this system is to help companies in testing and displaying the status of their tools and checking work places. 

IKID collects information about your employees certificate and the status of machines and tools. It also helps you keep track of your permissions, certificates and maintenance digitally.

No matter what industry or business you are doing. You can register all of your machines, tools and utilities together with employee permissions. It keep up to date information about your employees training and credentials as well as the current status your tool and machinery. It helps you as a manager to stay updated and forecact training needs servicing and critical inspections. The information from daily safety inspection, risk assessments and machine logs is compiled and stored giving you a complete overview of your employees training requiments and servicing needs of your machinery.

System Requirements

To use the system, you need a device with internet connection and with an installed browser. This can be a mobile phone, a tablet, notebook, PC or any smart device. The system is optimized for the most popular browsers, so the user can select the most suitable one for their needs.

Daily inspection

Trucks are involved in many occupational accidents. Warehouse workers, truck drivers and machine operators are the occupations most often affected by the accidents. Daily supervision should be done on a regular basis on all types of machines, but unfortunately there are many companies today who have no clear procedures and guidelines on how to do this and what form it will be documented. It is possible to make a daily inspection on paper but the employer can not monitor when and how inspection has occurred or which deviations are reported.

IKID provides a comprehensive solution to the problem digitally. The employer can register all his machines in the system, with his own checklist, inspection date, etc. Each control will be stored in the program digitally and it becomes available when needed. You will know, when, who and how often a machine was used. The controller can report simple discrepancies and you see the report directly on your mobile phone without having to be in the workplace.


After each course, workers receive any kind of grade or certificate. These documents can be registered and linked with machines in IKID. After registration, the user is authorized to make daily inspections of the machines that require the certificate and the employer gets an overview of each employee's qualifications. This makes it easy to plan educations and repetitions in the future.

Secured place

Some jobs require the driver to secure the place before starting work. For example, when loading on a dock or working on track / road, IKID can also be used to make risk assessments or to secure the location. If the workplace is not sure, it is possible to report and document why.