Common questions

What is IKID?

IKID is an international control system which designed to help companies monitor and control status of their machines and check locations. The software also specifies the user's privileges for specific machines. IKID collects information about your personnel's certificates and the status of machines. It also helps you keep track of your permissions, certificates and maintenance digitally.

What does IKID mean?

IKID is short for Internationellt Kontrollsystem I Datorn.

What are system requirements?

You need a device with Internet access and a browser to use IKID. It can be mobile, tablet, laptop, computer or other smart device. The system has been optimized for most types of browsers, so you can choose the most suitable one.

Can you introduce IKID to us?

Of course, you can sign up for trial and we will contact you. Then you can make an appointment and we will come to you to explain the program and answer your questions.

Does IKID focus only on daily inspection?

IKID focuses on 3 areas: Daily inspection, certificates and safe place.

Can we test IKID before we buy it?

Of course! You can test IKID for 30 days and decide if you want to continue it.

(Max 10 users can be registered on the test run.)

What machines can we register in IKID?

It is possible to register all types of machines. We have some example machine types in our system, but you are able to register your own machine types with your own control points. You can register all that you need to check or see, for example trucks, cars, travers etc.

How many machines can we register?

You can register 10 times more machines than the user's limit. E.g. You have a subscription of 10 users, so you can register up to 100 machines.

Can we get help with the registration?

Naturligtvis, vi hjälper gärna er med det. Vi kan registrera er personal, maskintyper, maskiner och utbildningsbevis. 

Do you have support?

Of course, we will gladly help you with that. We can register your staff, machine types, machines and certificates.

What does IKID cost for us?

The presentation, registration and test period are completely free.
After the test period, you can make decision. If you need help with registration then it will cost 400 kr / hr. + travel compensation.
IKID costs 50 kr / user / month.